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Our programme for 2020
Unless otherwise indicated, meetings are on Thursdays starting at 8 pm

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13th February - God's moral law
At Ilford Federation Synagogue, Beehive Lane IG2 6JH (on the corner with Clarence Avenue, not the big synagogue close to Cranbrook Road)
We will use a 'scriptural reasoning' approach, looking at texts from each of our three faiths. The Islamic and Christian texts are already available for study here:

Moral-law-Islamic.pdf  Moral-law-Christian.pdf  Moral-law-Jewish.pdf

  • It would be helpful if before the meeting you could read and reflect on at least the text from your own faith.
  • Most of the time in our meeting will be spent in small groups, in which each faith is represented, and where members of each faith will share what their texts mean for them. This may lead to wider discussion, but the aim should be focus on the texts in hand.
  • The exercise is not a competition, but an attempt to gain mutual understanding. Please come with an openness to learn. Remember that God created us each with two ears but only one mouth.
  • Please treat the texts of other faiths with as much respect as your own (or more). Please do not, for example, place any texts on the floor. Any unwanted papers will be taken away at the end of the evening for reverent disposal.

26th March - Environment or extinction?
At a mosque.

Wednesday 27th May - Faith in the workplace, without compromise 
At a church. 

9th July - Living mysticism 
At a synagogue. 

10th September - Waiting for a Mahdi / Messiah
At a mosque.

12th November - The use and abuse of money in faith communities 
At a church. 

17th December - 7.30pm Christmas / Prophet's birthday / Hannukah Party
Venue to be confirmed.

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